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Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. Revelation 14:12

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Patriarchs and Prophets

Patriarchs and Prophets is a wonderful and enlightening book that spans from creation to the death of King David.  It gives an insightful account of the fall of Satan and man, and gives us hope from a God that cared so much that He was willing to take our place.

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Prophets and Kings

Prophets and Kings provides commentary during the reign of King Solomon until the end of the Old Testament. It tells of the failures and triumphs of Israel, while serving a God of love, compassion and longsuffering.

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The Desire of Ages

The Desire of Ages is a book dedicated to the life of Christ that begins with the angel Gabriel’s visit with Mary, the mother of Jesus, until Christ’s ascension into heaven. It is truly a look at our Messiah’s life as few have seen Him.

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The Great Controversy

The Great Controversy takes us behind the scenes of the great controversy between God and Satan. It begins with the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD, telling the history of the Gospel, and how it was kept alive and protected by God-fearing men keeping faithful record.  God has always had a loyal people regardless of how unclear the future may have seemed. It proceeds past present day, giving a glimpse of the last days on earth and Christ’s soon second coming.

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 ​The Acts of the Apostles


The Acts of the Apostles takes us through the times of the early church after the ascension of Christ. It deals with the many issues that faced the early church as it struggled from Judaism to Christianity.


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